London's SEBASTOPOL release ANIMALS on 27 May 2022, the first single from their forthcoming second album. The single was produced and mixed by long-term collaborator Mick Glossop (Magazine, Lloyd Cole, Frank Zappa) and is accompanied by a video featuring a woman in a sweater running along a beach, some random shirtless guy blowing out candles, and lots of shots of a stag. 'Yeah' explains singer Nick Powell, 'it felt like the stag was a good image for the song because it's literally an animal and a friend of ours had one.' He continues 'Although it ended up being a nightmare to film because the beast kept running away whenever we shone a light on him.' In common with all previous Sebastopol releases Animals features lots of guitars which are tuned funny, loud drums, assertive bass, and resonant male singing primarily in the baritone register. It's much better than whatever nonsense you're currently listening to so turn that rubbish off and listen to Animals over and over again until you like it.